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Making a Difference by Standing Together for America’s Reservists.

The ROA STARs Foundation is an organization of patriotic individuals and corporations who Stand Together for America’s Reservists.

About ROA

STARs Foundation

The ROA STARs Foundation accomplishes its mission through philanthropy, top-level educational forums, pro bono legal information, scholarships, tools and resources to support service members and their families, events and programs that recognize the contributions of the men and women serving or who have served in the Reserve Component, charitable support to reserve component service members and their families and initiatives to improve the quality of life of service members, veterans and their families.

Who We Serve

Yet it is a thin line, an all-volunteer force comprising less than one percent of those it serves. It is over-committed, underfunded, and increasingly isolated from the very people it safeguards. The Reserve and Guard stand shoulder to shoulder along that line, providing nearly half the nation’s armed forces. Proven in battle, nearly a million have mobilized since 9/11; more than 1,200 have made the ultimate sacrifice in that fight. Theirs is a total commitment to America; to leave all they love to defend the nation they love.

Stand With Us

America’s Reserve Components are a magnificent national resource; our nation depends on their capabilities as never before. Only ROA, supported by the STARs Foundation, focuses exclusively and solely on our nation’s Reserve force. Your support of the STARs Foundation will give ROA the resources to support America’s Reservists and members of the Guard, their families, and veterans of the Reserves.

What We Do


Reservists and their families during the most trying times of service: Whether it’s the first time for the last time, deployment is tough on Reserve families. In fact, there are fewer resources and less research into the unique challenges deployment places on Reserve families than any other….


Policymakers and the public about the Reserve Components: Let’s face it, duty in the Reserve and Guard is complicated and most people simply don’t get it. The truth is, Reservists are everywhere. They’re teachers and firefighters, community leaders and entrepreneurs….


The rights of Reservists on the battlefield and at home: Reserve duty carries unique obligations. Likewise, it places a unique burden on civilian employers. There are laws on the books to defend a Reservists’ right to reemployment but after 13 years of mobilizations, many Reservists….

Standing Together for America’s Reservists

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