Pershing Society

More than a recognition society, Pershing Society donors provide a lasting legacy for the ROA.

Founded in 2017 by a group of committed individuals, the ROA STARs Pershing Society donors lead by example, inspire through action and give back to their country. Accomplished in their fields, the members of this premier giving society are the keepers of the spirit of philanthropy which is fundamental to ROA’s excellence as the only organization solely dedicated to supporting all Reservists and their critical role in national defense.

The Pershing Society recognizes all donors who annually contribute a tax-deductible, charitable gift of $1,000 or more to the ROA STARs Foundation within a calendar year. Gifts may be made via check, credit card or stock transfer. Matching gifts count as a part of an individual’s donation if allowed by the employer.



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As a donor, you will receive:

  • An invitation to the Pershing Society Reception at the annual National Convention, Leaders Conferences & STARs Gala.Invitations to exclusive local & regional Pershing Society events.
  • Updates from Foundation representatives. A semi-annual newsletter published to keep you informed of fundraising projects & priorities at ROA.
  • A specially designed Pershing Society pin.
  •  Access to the Pershing Society Online Community, including a Donor Roster of all donors.

“THE ROA STARs FOUNDATION is a direct line of support to the most under-resourced population within our armed forces.”

Through one-of-a-kind programs, tailored to support the most pressing needs of Reservists and their families, STARs donors are on the front line of support for some of America’s most deserving veterans.

Supports Reservists and their families during the most trying times of service

Whether it’s the first time or the last time, deployment is tough on Reserve families. In fact there are fewer resources and less research into the unique challenges deployment places on Reserve families than any other segment of our armed forces. Balancing a civilian job with family obligations and a duty overseas is a burden no Reserve family should bear alone and that’s where the STARs Foundation comes in. We’re developing first of their kind resources to fill the void of support.

Educates Policymakers and the public about the Reserve Components

Let’s face it, duty in the Reserve and Guard is complicated and most people simply don’t get it. The truth is, Reservists are everywhere. They’re business owners, managers, teachers and firefighters, community leaders and entrepreneurs. Reservists represent the most direct connection between the public and our military yet most of us don’t know what they do or how they do it. Whether it’s through policy or public awareness the ROA STARs Foundation directly supports ROA and its Defense Education Forum in their mission to shed light on the critical missions and unique sacrifices of our Reservists in and out of uniform.

Defends the rights of Reservists on the battlefield and at home

Reserve duty carries unique obligations. Likewise, it places a unique burden on civilian employers. There are laws on the books to defend a Reservist’s right to reemployment but after 13 years of mobilizations, many Reservists are falling through the cracks. When that happens its donations to the ROA STARs Foundation that directly support reemployment initiatives.